Returns an array of revision identifiers (i.e timestamps) available for the account and profile.

NOTE: This endpoint needs to be activated in your Tealium iQ account before you can use it. Please contact your Tealium account manager for details.

Resource URL



Path Parameters Description
[account] Name of the Tealium iQ account
[profile] Name of the Tealium iQ profile


Query Parameter Description
utk CSRF security token

Request Header

Header Field Name Description Example value
JSESSION cookie Cookie for sending jsession ID, i.e. the unique session identifier JSESSIONID=415072043799098022

Example Request


Example Response

When the call is successful, the API returns status 200 OK along with the identifier array that looks something like this.


NOTE: The identifiers are listed in the reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent revision down to the oldest revision.

Error Messages

400 Not Found error occurs if the call fails. Here are a few sample error messages. 

   "returnCode" : 1240,
  "message" : "Account was not found" }


"returnCode" : 1250,
  "message" : "Profile was not found"