Returns the count of files uploaded to Omnichannel within a date range. This only applies to file names that share the same prefix.

Resource URL

GET{account}/profiles/{profile}/files/count?utk={utk token}&filePrefix={file prefix}&startDate={start date}&endDate={end date}


Path Parameters Description
{account} Insert name of the AudienceStream account
{profile} Insert name of the AudienceStream profile where the File Definition exists
Query Parameters Description
utk_token CSRF security token
file prefix Common prefix assigned to the files
start date Starting date for the date filter
end date Ending date for the date filter

Request Header

Header Field Name Description Example value
Content-type MIME type of the body of the GET request application/json
JSESSION cookie Cookie for sending jsession ID, i.e. the unique session identifier JSESSIONID=415072043799098022

Example Request


Example Response

{ “count” : 100 }

Error Messages

Error Type Description
400 Bad request
  • File Definition prefix exceeds 150 chars
  • File Definition prefix, start date, or end date not supplied
  • Start/End date format is invalid
  • End date is before Start date