Statuses are retained for 30 days only.

Resource URL



Path Parameters Description
[account] Name of the Tealium iQ account
[profile] Name of the profile in the Tealium iQ account
[hdl_id] Unique identifier or name of your JSON object (how to choose a hdl_identifier?)


Query Parameter Description
[utk_token] CSRF security token

Request Header

Header Field Name Description Example value
Content-type MIME type of the body of the POST request application/json
JSESSION cookie Cookie for sending jsession ID, i.e. the unique session identifier JSESSIONID=415072043799098022

Example Request


Example Response

Returns HTTP status 200 when this call is successful. Here are three possible responses:

 "status": "pending" 


 "status": "completed" 


 "status": "failed" 

Error Messages


HTTP Status Error description Return code and message
404 Not Found
  • Supplied hdl_id does not exist
  • Or status for the supplied hdl_id has expired (i.e. past 30-day retention period).
 "returnCode" : 1404,
 "message" : "Status unavailable. Please refer to documentation for request status retention period."
400 Bad request
  • The combination of account, profile, and hdl_id exceeds 250 characters
  • HDL id contains restricted characters
  • Lack of proper permissions or possibly a typo in the account/profile name
 "returnCode" : 1400,
 "message" : "Invalid request submission. Please check supplied parameters or request body."
401 Unauthorized Lack of proper permissions or possibly a typo in the account/profile name 
 "returnCode" : 1469,
 "message" : "although the user is authenticated, the request is denied because of a lack of proper permissions"