Authenticates account users and establishes a secure session.

Resource URL


CAUTION: Inserting a slash (/) at the end of this url may cause authentication to fail.

Form Parameters Description Example value
username login name
password login password HG4ljd$^h*

Request Header

Header Field Name Description Example value
Content-type Indicates the MIME type of the body of the GET request  application/x-www-form-urlencoded
jsession cookie Cookie for sending jsession ID, i.e. the unique session identifier JSESSIONID=415072043799098022

Example Response

Status 200 OK is returned when the call is executed successfully.

   "utk": "65489FDSTJGF549870FSH",

IMPORTANT: Make sure to provide this utk token and the jsession cookie with all the other calls of this API.

Error Messages

If the call fails, the API returns a 401 Authentication Failure error. Here are the error messages you can expect to see:

"returnCode" : 1401,
  "message" : "Authentication Failed"


"returnCode" : 1402,
  "message" : "Too many unsuccessful login attempts. Please try again in 10 minutes"


"returnCode" : 1469,
  "message" : "Although the user is authenticated, the request is denied due of lack of proper permissions"