Are there any AudienceStream customers using Evergage?

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I would like to understand what value Evergage adds in addition to AudienceStream. It sounds like there is some overlap and I'm wondering if I need both.


Are there any AudienceStream customers using Evergage?

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Hello @mbest. Let me see if I can find an answer for you. Sit tight. 

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Are there any AudienceStream customers using Evergage?

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Hi @mbest


This is the first I personally have heard of this company.


The site states that they can exchance data with us, but there is no true partnership I am aware of.


Based on my research, and it's always hard to get a true understanding of what a company does just from their website, it looks like they may be more of a Marketing Automation system where the campaigns are built and managed through their system. It appears they attempt to do most of the marketing for you based on a javascript beacon placed in the website. I feel like they are trying to be a full service solution which in my opinion is very difficult to do. Yes, they can probably "do" all of that, but is it really best of bread, does it match what you need, and does it really cover all marketing channels? Those of the types of questions I would be asking.


Please remember, the foundation of the data used to build campaigns comes from data collected by Tealium iQ, and the actioning against the aggregated event data into a single visitor's profile come from AudienceStream. We are not attempting to perform the actual targeting, we leave that up to the many vendors that already exist with a strong core competency in what they do.


Hopefully this provides a bit of insight. I assume that if there haven't been any other answers in the last week that no other clients are looking to use this company in conjunction with Tealium.