Attribute IDs in the AS interface

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When our Audience Stream implementation was done, I was given a script (by Roshan) to run via Tamper Monkey which displayed the attribute/rule IDs in the interface.  This made it a lot easier to use the JSON object that's stored in LocalStorage as you could work out which objects in the array to look at.

I've since switched machines and have lost the script. 

Does anyone else have a copy of it (or the URL) they can share?


Attribute IDs in the AS interface

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jQuery('.gridContainer .viewItem').each(function() {
jQuery(this).find('.tileLabel').text(jQuery(this).find('.tileLabel').text().trim() + " (" + jQuery(this).data('id') + ") ");

Hi @BenStephenson, this is the specific bit of code that does the trick!


Attribute IDs in the AS interface

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They have now disappeared in the new User interface design?

Where are the IDs?

Attribute IDs in the AS interface

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To be clear this was not an officially supported Engineering effort.

Rather, this was a Services/Solutions TamperMonkey script that was injecting the IDs and it just needs to be updated. I am working with the appropriate person to get this updated.

In the meantime please see this post for more details on how to export the IDs.