Audience Stream - Not Events

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Is it possible to use Audience Stream such that an Action is triggered when an event does not happen against a specific visitor?


For example, we are trying to identify users who have previously visited the website but have not visited within the last couple of weeks and trigger an email to them.


I suppose another way of thinking about it is... Would it be possible for an event by a user to trigger an action on another user/audience?


Has anyone solved this before, or do you have any ideas? It would be possible to send Audience Stream data to an external system and manage the process there, but I would prefer to do this within Audience Stream if possible.


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Audience Stream - Not Events

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Hi @stuart_allen,


In essence you are talking about delaying an action based on a site visit. I'd be inclined to setup as below. This will allow known site visitors to be targeted after 14 days, but reset the logic any time a new site visit occurs.


Badge: Site Visitor

  • assign upon visit end
  • remove upon new visit
  • note: during the visit this Badge will not be assigned but that's okay, we're more concerned about the Badge existing after the visit has ended


Trait: Email Address

  • set to customer_email



  • if Badge Site Visitor is assigned
  • and Trait Email Address is assigned


Action: ExactTarget

  • Audience: Known Site Visitors
  • When:
    • in audience at end of visit
    • 14 day delay


So the visitor will come to the site, somehow their email address is made available in the UDO and AS can capture it, at the end of the visit the Site Visitor Badge is assigned and the Known Site Visitors Audience is joined, which triggers the ET connector to queue up an email in 14 days. If the visitor returns within 14 days, the Badge will get removed, the Audience will be joined, and everything will start over.


Thoughts about that approach?


Audience Stream - Not Events

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Thanks for the reply. I think this would be a suitable solution. We will try it. Thanks very much