AudienceStream over Google Tag Manager (GTM)

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Hello community,

I am attempting to deploy Tealium AudienceStream in GTM based on the following documentation and encountered some issues.

It seems that event tracking can look for the utag object before being initialized and causing en error on the page. Overall, the integration is quite cumbersome beceause it involves a transformation of the data layer etc.

Does anybody have experiece running the AS+GTM combination in production?


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AudienceStream over Google Tag Manager (GTM)

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I helped to build the initial integration with GTM so hoping I can help here.

Please remember that using AudienceStream on top of GTM is not our best practice recommendation. We prefer that Tealium iQ Tag Management is levearged because of the way our entire product is designed to work together. However we recognize that it's not always possible which is why we built the integration. Having AS sit on top of GTM introduces some complexities with handling the GTM data layer. Trying to take an array of data where each item is an object and convert it all to a simple flattened object that the Tealium product can handle is a bit challenging. So with the caveats we are doing the best we can to support AS on top of GTM and thus far have not had major problems, to my knowledge.

Getting to your issue below, are you saying that we are attempting to grab the GTM dataLayer before it's initialized and therefore is causing an issue? If you can point me to where the error is occuring in the code, or to some test pages, we can look into this at a high level. Otherwise you may need to reach out to your main Tealium point of contact for further support.