AudienceStream tally count for the favorite value

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Is there a way to identify the tally count specific to the favorite value in a Tally metric in AudienceStream?


We want to pass the favorite product ONLY IF that favorite product has been viewed more than X times.


I.E. We have a Tally to capture product views, and thus a Trait which identifies the favorite product. But we want to capture the favorite product only of users who have viewed that favorite product more than 3 times.


Thank you!!


AudienceStream tally count for the favorite value

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Hi @kelsey_evans,


At this time, this functionality is not supported within AudienceStream. We do have a request in to Engineering to support part of this which is setting a Metric to the favorite Tally value, the 2nd favorite Tally value, and down to a custom defined number of Tally values.


Once this feature is out you'd be able to set the Metric, then create a Flag to check if the value is greater than 3 to help determine if you want to pass it.


Just curious, where will this data be passed to? If you are accessing it client side you can easily write some JS code to parse this out. If you are passing it to a vendor who accepts Tally values, some systems allow custom scripts to be written to parse this out. Please let me know and I can try to provide further assitance.

AudienceStream tally count for the favorite value

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+ 1 for this feature request.

I am trying to do a kind of scoring. e.g attraction to a specific country, therefor i use a tally. (Germany Site visited --> Germany +10)

Now i want to get a normalized Score. Tally Value divided by change count.


AudienceStream tally count for the favorite value

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Hello again @MountainMaster! Again this would be an excellent addition to the Product Idea Forums! I'd love to see you submit this idea! Try it now:

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