AudienceStream vs EventStream

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I am new to Tealium tool and trying to understand how it works. Could you please tell me what is the main difference between AudienceStream Json file and EventStream Json file? What triggeres to generate a AudienceStream data file or EventStream data file?

dipankar pradhan

AudienceStream vs EventStream

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Hi @dippradhan 

I think you are referring to AudienceStore and EventStore, since they generate JSON files as their output.

They are explained here

More on AudienceStore setup

More on Event Feed setup

Basically, the difference is that EventStore can store a record of an incoming event as soon as it received by Server Side CDH.  AudienceStream is not relevant to EventStore - it operates on the "raw" event data before it is processed by AudienceStream, if AudienceStream is enabled (it need not be).

AudienceStore, on the other hand, is actually a specific AudienceStream connector.  So

a. You are dealing here with Visitor and Visit attributes that are stored, not Event attributes.

b. Just like any other connector, you configure AudienceStream to tell it when exactly you wish to write the record to AudienceStore.