Best practice to set up Tealium

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Hi all

We've had Tealium for some time as a tag management solution. We're now looking to get into the CDP capabilities.

Here's what we would like to do:

1. Ingest events and first-party data not only from the website, but from tools such as Marketo and Dynamic Yield (which is where our lead scoring calculations are done)

2. Build meaningful audiences for action.

3. Push those audiences out to the various channels.

I'm struggling a bit with the approach for step 1. Do we need to define every single action we want to track on site, and put custom Tealium code on the site for each of them? And for Marketo data, do we need to use webhooks to push this data to Tealium? Couldn't Tealium just monitor for any changes on a lead profile within specific Marketo fields (eg. when lead score changes, push that score to Tealium?)

It's a bit overwhelming when you consider how many events and bits of data you could push in. Overall, it also seems like the tool is very much focussed on website data collection rather than pushing in Marketo / Salesforce data for first-party data. That's where a lot of the value for us would be - pushing those first-party known audiences around.

Thanks in advance for any help.



Best practice to set up Tealium

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Hi Phil. I did get an inquiry about your question that indicated someone in Customer Support would get back to you. Let me know if you have not heard from anyone yet. Thanks!


Best practice to set up Tealium

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Hi Tony

No, I've heard nothing yet. Thanks! I'd love a demo.