Capturing A User's in Session Action

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I have been trying to write rules to configure an audience based on multi product search behavior. For example: 


User Searchs for Children's Books and then returns to the HP and then searchs for Finger Paint.


I would like to be able to associate that user searched for both those items (one at a time) in order to segment them into a Children's Category audience.


The issue I have is that our product_type UDO changes with each search. How can I use Tealium to capture both of these based on UDO?


Capturing A User's in Session Action

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Tealium Expert

Hi @GiovannahC. If your product ID:s are dynamic from one page request to another your first task is to map them directly during the page visit to a set of persistent product types (attributes that don't change over time, your product taxonomy so to say). Then you, depending on your need, fire some rules on end of session and file the visitor to the proper audience.

Capturing A User's in Session Action

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