Cart Abandonment in Audience Stream - send products along

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show how to create a simple form of a cart abandoner badge.

The logic here is:

"If an Add to Cart event occurred and at the end of the visit there is not an Order Complete event then apply the Badge."


If implemented in such a fashion, it will lead to many emails to customers who will not be happy, which is why our email marketing team will not accept this logic. Reasons:


1. The addition/removal logic includes only cart additions.

- there is only a check for cart addition, not removal

- in terms of addition and removal, we need to make sure to not only remove the badge when event = "removal" happens. This has to take into account how many products were removed (all? just one unit of one of the 3 products in the basket?)


So every cart addition needs to be tracked by product ID and quantity added, and then when the user removes the product or some quantity of it, this number needs to be decreased as well. I assume some form of "tally" may accomplish that, but I am lost.


We also need this because we want to send the products that were in the basket to ExactTarget or the other Remarketing tool connectors.


2. Furthermore, the use case assumes that someone is a Cart Abandoner just because his Visit ended. Most carts are persistent for some days and we experience it quite often that people come back later and finish their purchase. So we do not want to declare someone an "abandoner" until, say 4 hours have passed. How can we do that?


And there are more factors that play here (but I will exclude them for simplicity now).



So I am looking for some guidelines here (maybe there is some more in-depth guide that also shows how to create the Audience based on this and ideally the ExactTarget connector). 

I have been trying around the whole day now and I am giving up. 
3 days of Audience Stream and still not set up a single connector nor feeling confident about any of the rules and Enrichments used. 


BTW: Trace has the option to track me as a "new visitor". In fact, it seems more like a "new visit" because the "Visit Count Attributes" in Trace always show higher numbers than "1".


Cart Abandonment in Audience Stream - send products along

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Yes, the examples are the most basic form and meant to get the gears spinning. Each clients wants to do Abandonment differently so this is a good primer. Based on your response here is what I would recommend:

1a) It's common for clients to include a cart_items variable that is just a number of items in the cart. This can be referenced in the Badge logic to remove someone if its value equals 0.


1b) Alternatively, you can use a Tally with the "Set Tally By Corresponding Arrays" enrichment and set product_id and product_quantity. This will allow you to update the Tally on any add to cart or remove from cart event so that it represents the current state of the cart and you aren't trying to add/remove single items. Meaning this would be a full overwrite each time. You can then use a Number attribute with the "Set Number To The Count Of Items In Tally" enrichment, and reference that Number in the remove Badge logic.


1c) Another alternative, you can use the Set of Strings attribute with the "Store Array As Set Of Strings" enrichment to save the product_ids, and then use a Number attribute with the "Set Number To The Count Of Items In Set Of Strings" enrichment, and reference that Number in the remove Badge logic.


1d) 1b and 1c are important to consider when you start thinking about how to send the data to the vendors. Each ESP vendor handles this data differently. For example, CheetahMail (go with me here) can't handle array or object data so each product needs to be stored in a unique String, CCMP can handle a Tally, and ExactTarget can only handle a Set of Strings. So you need to save the data in a format that the email vendor can handle. Unforunately it's not clearly defined in our documentation at this time how the data should be saved, but the customer success team can guide on the best approach.


1e) Most remarketing vendors cannot handle receiving data about a visitor other than the segment to add them to. We recommend either targeting at the category level, or the top N products, because trying to target at each specific product would be rather difficult.

2a) You can apply a delay to the Cart Abandoner action for 4 hours so that the action doesn't run until 4 hours have passed. If the visitor comes back prior to that 4 hours and purchases then the badge will be removed, they'll leave the audience, and the action won't trigger. Specifically, trigger the action When "In Audience at end of visit" with an action delay of 4 hours.


2b) We recommend use this in conjunction with a cooldown period so that we aren't spamming people multiple times a day. This is especially useful with such a short delay.


I hope this helps give some valuable guidance, and let me know if I can provide any further details.





Cart Abandonment in Audience Stream - send products along

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Thanks, we will try that and come back with questions.