DBM Connector Error

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Silver Contributor Michael_Kim_shc

I'm getting an error when trying to create a new segment (below).  Any help?  Also, i'm having a lot of trouble finding documentation on how to setup the connector... Tried browsing throught he documentation tab, searching the forum, and looking around the audiencestream interface..




DBM Connector Error

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Hi @Michael_Kim_shc,


Per https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/common-errors#AuthorizationError.USER_PERMISSION_DENI... the issue is that there is no link between the manager account authenticated in the request and the client account specified in the headers. It appears that your OAuth credentials are for a user who does not have access to the client customer ID specified or any of its manager accounts. Check the user settings and see if providing the correct access solves the issue.




DBM Connector Error

Tealium Employee

Hi @Michael_Kim_shc In addition to what @dan_george said - DBM requires that AudienceStream is whitelisted for each account ID that you wish to connect with, regardless of whether a parent account is already whitelisted.   

An explanation of requirements for this is available here: 


If you have any trouble getting your Google account manager to understand the request (Some have heard of it, some haven't) - please contact our support team to help out.  

Many thanks