Data Source - File Import Wizard not working

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert

I'm trying to upload a csv file into the Audience Stream. Has anyone received an error - File type (csv) is not valid. See attached screenshot. Any ideas or thoughts on how to troubleshoot this would b e very helpful.screenshot of import wizard not working.png



Data Source - File Import Wizard not working

Tealium Employee

Hi @Ranjan_Mestri 

Please can you double-check that the file is comma seperated text, and that any commas within data are enclosed in quotes (For example if you had names in a surname, firstname format, you would want "Lake, Steve"  complete with the quotes) 

If all of that seems ok, please could you log a ticket for one of our solutions team to take a look for you, letting them know what browser and operating system you are using. 

Many thanks

Steve Lake

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