Different visitors share the same device

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Bronze Contributor

I am new to AS. I am confused after reading the https://community.tealiumiq.com/t5/Customer-Data-Hub/Visitor-Stitching-Scenarios/ta-p/35543 regarding scenario 1. My understanding seems not very making senses:

- Visitor ID attribute sets to member ID
- A visitor with member ID X sign in website in a computer. An anonymous ID created with a visitor profile set up.
-The visitor log out.
- A second visitor with member ID Y who shares the same computer uses the same browser and log into the website.
- Since the anonymous ID is the same, new visitor profile will not be created. Visitor X profile will not be updated as well. Does it imply that the behaviour of that Y visitor in this browser will never be enriched and stitched to visitor Y profile? 

Tks a lot.