Doubleclick tags invalidate https certificate on secure pages

Hi All,
We have a tedious problem with one of our Doubleclick Floodlight Tag. We have a site section loaded over HTTPS and what we figured out is that when the tag fires ( making a GET call to doubleclick host) our page certificate become invalid. After some troubleshooting we discovered the issue but we are not able to fix it because it doesn't depend on us. Indeed the response from doubleclick contain a call to a secure resource ( ) that seems that it doesn't exists anymore. This turns into a redirect to an INSECURE host ( that invalidate the certificate.

I think that this could be fixed only by Google changing the response code.
Anyone know how can we handle this?

Many Thanks


Doubleclick tags invalidate https certificate on secure pages

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Hi Andrea,

This is quite a common problem. If I'm guessing correctly, you have an agency who has asked you to deploy DoubleClick tags via Tealium so they can quickly deploy other tags via DoubleClick? This isn't really a tag management issue - it is down to how the Floodlight tag owner is deploying other tags via the Floodlight tag - and this would happen with or without Tealium.

This makes sense to be done but when they deploy other tags via DoubleClick Floodlight they have to be sure to respect the security protocol of the page (i.e. http or https).

If you speak with however is injecting the calls into the Floodlight tag they'll be able to do this.

Unfortunately, there's no other way to do this.

Hope this helps!



Doubleclick tags invalidate https certificate on secure pages

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There may be a checkbox to turn off the piggyback in Doubleclick. The following post has some details.

"Navigate to Floodlight Configuration and ensure the tag is Dynamic (box checked), as this is a pre requisite for piggybacking"