Ecommerce tracking without having data layer

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please is there any way how to track ecommerce if you do not have data layer on the page? Any tips/tricks  are appreciated. Thank you, Lukas


Ecommerce tracking without having data layer

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Hi @lukas_teply,

It is technically possible but you would need to write a lot of code to scrape the page to create the relevant data layer for you which iQ can understand. The following pitfalls are very risky:

(i) The site can change their code at any point and your e-commerce tracking can break (causing a loss in business critical reporting)

(ii) You will find it difficult to write the right code which will apply in all circumstances (e.g. order discounts etc)

(iii) You'll need to write code which will run perfectly every time (i.e. if the page has HTML that you need to scrape that isn't available until after the DOM has loaded then you will hit problems with timing it)

I would definitely avoid doing this at ALL COSTS!

I hope this helps.



Ecommerce tracking without having data layer

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Hi Roshan,


thank you for your answer. Actually, we already got values that are necessary for ecommerce tracking into meta data.  Do you think that any script as you advised can help us in this case? As the values are already pulled out according. Furthermore, no discount codes can be applied.
I am sure it is a lot of tweaking and workaround and definitely the best practise but if it is possible then we would like to try it.
Thank you,


Ecommerce tracking without having data layer

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Hi @lukas_teply,


If you already have the values in meta data, then you can simply add these into Tealium IQ on the data layer tab, and they will be imported for you. Just go to add a new data source, enter the name of the meta tag, then select "Meta Tag" from the drop down list.


I hope this helps.




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