Evaluation of audience at end of visit, with delay

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I have a connector that is set to fire on "in audience at end of visit" and it also has a delay of 1 hour set. My question is, when is the evaluation of "in audience" done, at "end of visit" or at "end of visit + delay". Because if it is the latter of the two it means I cannot use visitor scoped attributes for that audience, right?




Evaluation of audience at end of visit, with delay

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Hi @christian_gutto,


We will evaluate the visitor in this example at the end of the visit then evaluate again at the 1 hour mark for the action. For example if I am assigning a cart abandoner badge at end of visit, I can then queue a 1 hour delay on a user.  If the user returns to the site within 1 hour and no longer qualifies by purchasing for example we will kill the delyed action.


You are also correct in that vist scoped attributes are not available for delayed actions.  


Hope this helps.