EventStream Google Ads API Error - UNPARSEABLE_GCLID

Bronze Contributor
Bronze Contributor

I'm in the process of setting up a Google Ads tag that fires for all purchases in EventStream, and have been trying to figure out how to pull the Google Click ID parameter in a recognisable format. I'm using the Google Ads Conversion connector and it's giving me the below error:

Action Failure: API Error - UNPARSEABLE_GCLID: This Google Click ID could not be decoded

Right now the Google Click ID is set to the cookie value of _glc_au, a value that is created from a conversion linker in GTM. Using the conversion linker, GTM is able to send Google Ads convesion tags anywhere on the site as it stores the gclid value as part of the cookie, but Tealium is unable to parse this text. I've tried using _gcl_au which is another value it stores to no avail.

Is there a simple way to reliably hold and store the gclid in a format that Tealium API's can read?