Facebook Audiences Connector Set Up (Tealium AudienceStream)

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Bronze Contributor


I am using the Facebook Audiences connector in TAS based on the external id to send information to Facebook. To send external id information for every user, I am using the Facebook Pixel of Tealium IQ, which sends the external id and automatically hashes it (so if I send external id 1234, it actually sends 03ac674216f3e15c761ee1a5e255f067953623c8b388b4459e13f978d7c846f4)

In the Facebook connector in TAS I am sending external id in plain text ( so in this example i am sending 1234) However, i can´t see the audience beeing populating in Facebook (it says low volume after matching) so I am wondering if I need to hash the external id before sending it in through the TAS connector or not.

Thanks and kind regards!