Facebook CAPI connector setup query

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Hello All,

We are trying to implement Facebook CAPI connector in eventstream and need some advice on that.

We are looking for ways to avoid sending blank or null values in the connector even though the variable is mapped in the action section of the connector. Is there a way to put a check and avoid that blank or null value being passed in the connector?

Looking forward to some insights. 

Thank you.


Facebook CAPI connector setup query

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Hi @ApurvTanay 

You can create the event feeds and there you can specify the condition which matches the specific condition based on their attribute. And then use that event feed within Tealium Eventstream facebook Capi connector.

For Example: if you want to send a purchase event you will create an event feed with the attribute that you want to check and only send when those attributes are not empty.


I hope this may resolve your issue.

For more information: https://community.tealiumiq.com/t5/Customer-Data-Hub/Live-Events-and-Feeds/ta-p/11805#toc-hId--10157...

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