GA4 Server Side Tagging Tealium

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I am totally new to server-side tagging and I wanted to implement GA4 Tracking Server Side using Tealium. Can someone please help me out with a brief approach of steps that I need to take right from inception?

I would really appreciate it if it would summarize how to use Tealium Data Hub, EventStream, and Connectors in an orderly fashion as to what needs to be configured and what should be the chain/flow of configuration steps.



GA4 Server Side Tagging Tealium

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GA4 is a complicated tag, as the format is completely different from their Universal Analytics tag. We do have the following knowledge base article available that discusses basic migration from UA to GA4 and what to keep in mind. That said, Google recommends if you want to use the API, you should do a hybrid implementation using both the tag and the connector. 

"The purpose of measurement protocol is to augment existing events collected via gtag, GTM, or Firebase."

We do have documentation on the GA4 connector available. You can also reach out to your account management team regarding online training for the server-side products. 

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