GDPR Right to be forgotten

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Bronze Contributor BretCamble2

Hi, I'm anticipating the need to remove an individual's identity graph data from the Audience DB, upon request. Is there any documentation about how this would be accomplished? 


Specifically, I want to surface all of the IDs we have for an individual on a privacy management page, and allow them to delete it or modify it directly. 


Any help is appreciated. 



GDPR Right to be forgotten

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Great question @BretCamble2. Okay... so we do have information about GDPR on You can find that information here at this link.


Let me know if you need further assistance. I can find your account manager and loop them in if you'd like. 

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GDPR Right to be forgotten

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Silver Contributor claudio_sermeng

Hello Kathleen,

i think i didnt find an answer on the page you sent.

It will be possible to delete a profile if a user ask us to do so?

Something like an action to in AudienceStream to activate when a user opt-out or ask to delte all his data from our system.



GDPR Right to be forgotten

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@claudio_sermeng We have released the Visitor Lookup tool in AudienceStream and the Visitor Lookup API to allow you to develop your own integration with our system, both of which provide a way to delete visitors from the system.

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