Google campaign manager 360 connector

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I'm trying to configure the Google campaign manager 360 connector however it's asking me for a User/Device ID. I'm thinking i need to configure the global floodlight tag and then somehow map that id that it uses in the cookie to an attribute i can reference when setting up the floodlight conversion. 

Can anyone shed some light on this?



Google campaign manager 360 connector

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Hey Dan

There are a few steps to go through in terms of getting a user added to your CM account as a user. The steps in the documentation cover that well.

Once you have that sorted, create a floodlight activity for the offline conversions you want to push. The ID of this is the Floodlight Activity ID in the connector, the Floodlight Configuration ID is the ID of the Advertiser in Campaign Manager. We tend to run a parent Floodlight Config Advertiser, and then link channel-level advertisers to this, so we have all the Floodlight activities in one place.

Your match IDs are where you need to look at what you have available. If you are passing conversions for use in SA360, then use gclid as your match ID. We have seen the highest match rate when using gclid (90%+). Where there is no match, we get back a ‘GCLID not found’ error from Google but can see the gclid populated.

For non-SA360 conversions, there are a few – imperfect – options.

If you have a device ID, try to make use of that.

The encrypted user ID is only available in some territories – it used to be in the Doubleclick Data Transfer files, but is obfuscated in the EU due to GDPR, so may not be available to you.

We have tried passing an external user-level ID as a match_id into floodlights on-site, and then into offline conversions through the connector, but this has much lower match rates than with gclid.

NB: If you select a given ID, and then pass through an action that doesn’t have that datapoint populated, the connector will fail.

It's a bit of a mixed bag, so you might have to find a combination of approaches that work well for you.

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Google campaign manager 360 connector

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Hi Philip, 

Thanks very much for the response, really appreciate it. I'll have a go at using the device id and see how that works. 



Google campaign manager 360 connector

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