Historical audience and event data to Azure

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In our current Tealium instance, we have TiQ and Tealium AudienceStream products included. The data retention is for 13 months. No Eventstream or DataAccess included in the instance. 

Our goal: To backup/archive all the event and audience data being collected in Tealium platform to Azure Service bus (Azure BLOB - semi-structured)


Steps done so far (5-6 months back):

We have setup Tealium AudienceStream Azure Service bus connector to send data to Azure Service bus for a specific audience  (not knowing that we have to setup separate connectors for every other audience)

In addition, we have setup a TiQ tag , which is being fired on all the pages from client-side to send the events data to Azure Service bus . 


Issue: At the end of 13 months (which is around March 2020), we wouldn't have all the historical events and audience data in Azure BLOB, which Tealium has collected


Potential resolution:  For audience data: Leverage Tealium AudienceStream-> Audience Sizing ->Jobs feature to setup a job to for historical data and configure an action to push this data to Azure Service bus

No resolution yet for historical events data

Please advise