How Does Audience Stream Pass Data To Marketo

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Hi All,

We have setup integration between AS and Marketo vis AS connectors and mapped some fields like email, first name, fav product etc in the connection settings. Is this setting sufficient to make the data flow from AS to Marketo? or there are some flat files to be created and data to be uploaded manually somewhere?

PS. Anything else we need to setup after a connnection has been setup via AS connectors?

Currently, I dont see any data going from AS to Marketo even after the connection is successful.

Any thoughs?





How Does Audience Stream Pass Data To Marketo

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Hi @kamgir

When you say "connection is successful", do you mean that you followed the article below, including tracing the connection, and you can see the connector being fired successfully?

If yes, or if you are not sure, I suggest reaching out to so that they can have a look at your setup.