How do you add ContentLength to a webhook

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert

We are trying to connect AudienceStream to Microsoft Flows and are hitting a pretty big hurdle. 


The basic idea is pretty simple, we want to send data to Flows and then have Flows add the data to an excel spread sheet. (I know, we could use google sheets, but we use microsoft here, so it has to be excel). 


After I setup the webhook connector, i can use Trace to see the call being made to flows and i get the following error. 


HTTP Error 411. The request must be chunked or have a content length.


After a quick search online, it says that i haven't set the 'content length'.


How would I do that in AS? Any ideas?




How do you add ContentLength to a webhook

Tealium Employee

@JerTippets 1. What is the setup of your webhook?  Is it the OAuth webhook or the regular one?  What Webhook action are you using, what HTTP verb (GET, POST, etc) are you using.  Please provide as much detail as possible.


2. Is the API you are sending to documented somewhere you can provide a link to?


3. Have you tried creating a PutsReq ( and temporarily sending the webhook there to verify what is actually being transmitted?


The reason for these questions is that I have a Webhook that is including the CONTENT-LENGTH header in what it sends, and it is doing this automatically - I do not have to manually include the CONTENT-LENGTH header.