Improving Voice of Customer quality of feedback through bespoke Audience Targeting - Usabilla

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hi fellow Tealium fans,

I've been talking to a prominent B2B insurance provider in the UK about a more effective use of their Voice of Customer investment, technology powered by a Tealium integration partner: Usabilla.

The feedback widget is consistently appearing and available across the entire site giving users the facility to provide valuable feedback to the business in case the user experience is particularly good (but this is a rarity) or it is extraordinarily frustrating. 
The problem is that the business treats all users on a one-size-fits-all basis. There are no distinction between a "window shopper" and a particularly hot lead/prospect that could be qualified based on supporting content consumption, funnel step completion and other site interaction/engagement events who ultimately does not convert either.

Proposal overview
The business does not necessarily have to trigger a Usabilla widget after a certain time of inactivity (how it is at the moment), instead they should focus on getting highly qualified feedback based on an audience that has

  1. consumed content on at least 2 in their product vertical on the blog
  2. visited the product description page
  3. got as far as the last but one step of the conversion funnel for the quote

Based on the above and/or even more sophisticated list of attributes & characteristics the business can focus on understanding why their most engaged users still do not convert for a particular product and what may put potentical customers off from converting.

Execution overview

  1. The datalayer should be developed with UDO variables that capture the product_category_blog: "product A" on the blog. This information will be used to create an increment and ultimately a "Product A reader" badge in Audience Stream.
  2. Next, using even a standard page_type variable another badge can easily be configured for an audience that has hit a product description page for any products, including Product A.
  3. Next, using the Funnel type attribute in Audience Stream, the characteristic for a user that has progressed to the last but one step of a quote funnel can be applied.
  4. Finally, by creating a badge for "Converted - Quote" either based on an event or page path or page URL or Quote reference ID attribute we will have the ability to set True or False conditions for one of the most important ingredient of our Audience Stream segment.  

With the above four steps (or more depending on your level of sophistication) individual audience segments can be configured for capturing product specific feedback on the most qualified groups of prospects who have not hit a quote completion target despite their high engagement levels.



Empowering Voice of Customer solutions with Audience Stream's advanced user segmentation capabilities can create a way of improved, advanced execution for platforms such as Usabilla to further increase the value of both technologies. Capturing, analysing and acting upon such valuable and bespoke user feedback can result in product or UX improvements that can contribute to business growth considerably.


Hope this will provide some inspiration to Tealium and Usabilla users alike.



Improving Voice of Customer quality of feedback through bespoke Audience Targeting - Usabilla

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Great use case @brutalben. Wow! Just wow!

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