Lifetime count of page views, per page?

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I'm trying to understand how many times a visitor views a particular page throughout their lifetime.  In an ideal world this would work by way of a set of strings or an array that would include a unique listing of page names that have ever been viewed along with a numeric value signifying the number of pageviews each page has garnered.  If someone goes back to a single page 5X in a visit or hits reload a couple of times, these should all validly makly the count go up.  Alternatively, what i was trying to do is capture an array with the page names being allowed to repeat.  However, at this point the update is happening at every type of event and not just when a new page view has been established (by means of either a link / site navigation or a reload).  What I've done:

-There is an event DOM attribute called "Page TItle"

-I created a visitor attribute called "LTPages" that's an array of strings.  LTPages is set to add the value from Page Title when Any Event

-I then created a rule called "Event is View", whereby String tealium_event equals (ignore case) view

What I was hopping would happen is that the page title would only be added to "LTPages" when someone legitimately views a page or reloads it, but currently it's being fired on any events.  

Any ideas on how I can keep a lifetime log of all pages viewed in addition to the number of times they were viewed?  

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.






Lifetime count of page views, per page?

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Hi Eric

It's a Tally attribute you want to use here

You can set up an enrichment to increment the tally by 1 based on the key being the Page Title, and the rule on the enrichment should be your rule "Event is View"