Manage badge assignment/removal with Tealium IQ

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I'm finding the built-in enrichment rules clunky for my current task of:

1) Out of 9 possible badges, a visitor has only one assigned (based on tally favourite)
2) If a new badge is assigned (new favourite), remove the old one

My problem is I can't find a way to handle this logic without putting explicit removal conditions on each badge for the assignment of each badge, which would be approximately 81 rules to make -- no thanks!

I can see that['va.badges.<badgeID>'] is a boolean value. Is there anything stopping me from managing the logic through a custom javascript extension in Tealium IQ?


**Bonus question** In the new layout for AudienceStream, where do you find the property/badge ID? I've been using DevTools because I can't seem to find it in the interface...


Manage badge assignment/removal with Tealium IQ

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Hi @Frish

If I am reading your question correctly, then you have a Tally, and you want to have 9 badges depending on the favourite of that same Tally?

So if it was a favourite product, you'd have one badge for Shirts, another for Shoes, etc?

If that case...

1. You don't have 81 rules to write.  You have 18.  You'd need to write the rule to assign the badge when the favourite is XYZ and another rule to remove the badge when the favourite is not XYZ.  9 x 2 rules = 18.

2. You may not need badges at all.  The favourite of a Tally is a String attribute, and this can be both used as the basis of an Audience filter, as well as coming back in Data Layer Enrichment as a String property.  There isn't necessarily a need to add the Badges layer on top of this.

3. Yes, you can certainly apply additional post-processing in Tealium iQ if you wish, but if your thought is to feed this back into AudienceStream, then that's something I avoid unless there is no other way.

4. Have a look at this thread -

Manage badge assignment/removal with Tealium IQ

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1. Oh, duh!

2. Interesting -- I do like badges because they look nice, but you're right. I'll re-think this requirement.

3. Agreed. With your help I no longer feel that this is necessary.

4. Interesting... Not ideal but better than what I had before, thank you.


@mark_reddin thanks for your response, I feel both dumber and smarter for it :)