My custom Table within Data Access

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I am writing some queries in our Data Access Redshift db.

I have an internal dataset I'd like to join to the Tealium data.

What are my options for doing this ?

To my knowledge:

  • I can copy down my Tealium Redshift (Data Access) data to an internal database 
    • This would be very large and therefore infeasible
  • I have experimented with a Tableau extract - which is a variation of the above idea . However, trying to do a local join of the extract with my internal data is still very expensive and each query run takes >1hr

Can I however, upload my table to redshift so the data is co-located with the Tealium Redshift data. ? I can understand anyspace, privileges and performance concerns. However, is there a way to do this in a limited fashion ? (Such as temp-schema only, < 100 Mb , process priority down-revved)

What other options exist?



My custom Table within Data Access

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Hi @asadvrs ,

This is a good question and one that comes up a lot. The short answer is no, you cannot create your own tables in the DataAccess Redshift instance. Likewise, exporting your Tealium database tables to your internal system is not a feasible option.

To combine your DataAccess data with your own database instance, we recommend the EventStore and AudienceStore offerings. These are unstructured data stores (JSON files) that can be imported into your own database instance to perform the kinds of queries you need. The benefit of this approach is that you can define the exact schema you need when importing the EventStore/AudienceStore files, which should make the final queries easier to manage going forward.

Here is more info about EventStore and AudienceStore:

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