New tag request: Survey Gizmo Beacon

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I'm trying to add the Survey Gizmo Beacon script used to generate intercept surveys on our website.


Unfortuenately, it is not present in the turn-key tag library. It is possible to have Tealium put it in there? If so, what is the timeline for that? Is it sufficient to add the request here or should I make the request somewhere else such as a support ticket?


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ps: in case it matters, the tag looks like this:

Hi Tealium

Could you please add the Survey Gizmo Beacon tag to the tag eco-system? We use Survey Gizmo to add intercept surveys to our site.

The tag looks like this:


<script type="text/javascript">


There must be a function in it to select our account and the beacon i wish to use, but it is not documented by Survey Gizmo in their help-docs as the script is normally generated to be copy-pasted into the page code.




New tag request: Survey Gizmo Beacon

Tealium Employee

Hi @martin_vinter,

Please send tag request to or using the support form found under the Help Centre within Tealium iQ (

Many Thanks