Only some FB events are populating in Event Stream?

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Hello All - 

I'm very new to Tealium Event Stream, but i am trying to set up FB Server side events.

I have made good progress and have both pixel tag and server side View Content and Purchase events showing up in FB EvenT Manager.  However for some reason, only a very small subset of the FB pixel tag events are coming through as server side (Event Stream).

I have set up the Tealium Collect tag (firing on all pages) and made sure my FB tag is set up to Generate Event Id = TRUE.  (FB  pixel is also set up to fire on all pages)

I have also set up the following Event Attributes based on the FB tag : (where 30 is my FB tag UID)



I expected that ALL the events coming into Event Stream would have the fb_event_id* variable populated, but these variables only seem to be set on a small subsets of the events.  

Any thoughts or ideas on how i could trouble shoot this?  Or has anyone seen this issue setting up FB CAPI?




Only some FB events are populating in Event Stream?

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Hi Marielle! We recently compiled the following article on Facebook CAPI Best Practices for configuration. Those tips should help, but keep in mind that CAPI is meant to be a fallback in the case that the client-side pixel is not received. To achieve this result, you'll want to ensure that your event feed conditions match those of your client-side tag and how the event is being triggered. For example, if you have a load rule on your Facebook tag to allow for consent and you trigger a "ViewContent" event when "tealium_event" equals "product_view", then your Facebook event feed will need to cover the consent piece AND the event trigger (tealium_event = product_view). This will ensure that both the client-side and server-side events are triggering in parallel and are not dependent on each other (ex: an event ID being present). 

If you are seeing the event trigger but the event ID is not present, then please refer to the article linked above on how to configure the client-side tags to allow for the event ID to generate in time for the Tealium Collect tag to send it in the final data payload. 

Jen Kaye
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