Partial updates using new File Import (Omnichannel)?

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let's say I want to upload customer data (e.g. CSV-Export from a CRM) to Tealium AS using the new File Import Data Source, to be able to enrich my visitor profiles:

Does every upload has to include all customers (e.g. rows exported from CRM), or can I also upload all customers (rows) once and later upload only the subset of customers which data has changed (new and updated)?

The main reason I'm asking is because of the import limits. We might reach them, if we have to upload all customers everytime, but we would be fine if we only have to upload the changed rows.

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Partial updates using new File Import (Omnichannel)?

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Hi @holbue 

Brief answer - you only need to upload the changed rows

Fuller answer - every row in a File Import is processed as an event in Server UDH, in pretty much exactly the same way as an event from a web page or a Collect API call.  It's up to you when you are configuring the system to decide what to do with those events.  For example in AudienceStream, you might be assigning a first and last name to a visitor profile for a customer.  That visitor profile will retain the first and last name from a previous File Import - there isn't a need to upload the same row again.

Because the rows are events, if the customer made another order, for example, then the next File Import should contain another row for that customer, because you'd likely be incrementing the lifetime order value on each such event/row.