Problem with Facebook Conversion Tracking

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Hey everybody. I have an issue with my facebook conversion tag. The auto-detection in the marketplace recommend to use the new facebook tag. This is the same tag I already use for facebook remarketing.  The remarketing tag works fine. Unluckily I don`t get the conversion tag running. I dont't have a Custom Audience Pixel ID in the conversion tag, so I left that blank. I map my Conversion Pixel ID to the prepared field. What I also see is that the base url the tag calls is fbevents.js, like in the remarketing case. Yet in the conversion tag it should call fbds.js instead. Am I using the wrong tag? What to I need to do to track a conversion with the facebook tag?


Problem with Facebook Conversion Tracking

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Hello @maike_jockisch. There are 2 types of events.  There is a conversion event and a purchase event.  If you are using the e-commerce extension, when the order id is populated, the purchase event will automatically fire.  If you aren't using the e-commerce extension, you must map your order id variable to Order ID in the E-Commerce section of the mapping toolbox for Facebook.


If you are wanting to fire the Conversion event:  

When you go to the Facebook tag and click edit, go to the Data Mappings section.  

Choose a variable that will indicate that the user has done a conversion.  Now click Select Destination.  This will open the mapping toolbox.

Click on the Events tab.

On the left side, enter the text of the variable that should trigger your event.

On the right side, select Conversion from the drop down list.

Click Apply and Apply again. 

Save and Publish.



Now when your variable has the specified text, the Conversion event will fire to Facebook.


I hope this solves your problem.

Problem with Facebook Conversion Tracking

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Thanks for this step-by-step instructions. Now it works.