Request from Postman

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Hello, I have a question related to the endpoints that I'm able to validate from Postman and I would like to know if we can obtain the data of the tealium_event executing a GET request like this:

As you can see in Image1, I already have a status code 200 but in the response, there is no info.
The source of the data that we need is under EventStream >> Live Events (Image2):
For example, in this case, I want to see the details of the tealium_event emailOpen (Image 3):
I'm not sure if it's possible to see that data from Postman. Could you confirm it?
Thank you so much.

Request from Postman

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Hi @Elkin ,

The API call made to the Tealium Endpoint just accepts the data, it is not returning anything as a response. 

So in the postman,you will not be seeing anything in the response tab, just the success or failure satus code will be returned.




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