Setting Audeince Stream string attribute to an UDO variable

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Hi - I am having issues setting attributes to an existing UDO variable. So, we have a defined data layer with number of variables, but when trying to set an Audience Stream string attribute to that particualr UDO, it draws a blank / not assigned. Is there a step I am missing? The UDO is active and does populate the Adobe Analytics variables.


Setting Audeince Stream string attribute to an UDO variable

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Hi @jshah,

Great question. Once a variable is present in the data layer, it should be added as an event attribute.  Once it is defined as an event attribute, it will be accessible within Audience Stream.  For example, on my sandbox page, I have set myString within my utag_data object:

home.ejs — localnatives 2020-02-27 16-38-42.png

Next, I created a string event attribute since this particular test variable is not coming attached to a specific event:

services-nam-ngo | main 2020-02-27 16-41-37.pngFinally, I create an AudienceStream Attribute that enriches off of the EventStream Attribute:

services-nam-ngo | main 2020-02-27 16-43-50.pngWhen I run a trace and reach my home page, I can see that the myString attribute is being set:

services-nam-ngo | main 2020-02-27 16-45-43.png

Hope this helps!