Take an action every three months

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Dear all,

I'd like to send an email to cart abandoners at max only every three months, no matter how often they abandoned the cart within this three months time period. 

I don't know how to set the corresponding rules and attributes for the cart abandoner audience. I tried with timelines and number of entries in timelines but got the problem of circular rules. 

Does anyone have an idea how to solve that problem?

Thank you and kind regards!


Take an action every three months

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Hi @pafe 

We have a function in AudienceStream just for that, it is called cooldown.  You don't need to build this with attribute and audience logic.


You can either put a group of connector actions in a cooldown group so that all are suppressed until the cooldown is over, or you can just have a single connector action in a cooldown group.  If you have more than one connector action in a cooldown group, you can also have a priority order to them, so that if two or more of them would trigger at the same time, you can prevent that if you wish.

You can have more than one cooldown group as well (so you could have one group for a cooldown of day 30 days and another for a cooldown of say 2 days)

A point to note (and it matches your requirements here, but just to be clear) is that once a visitor is in cooldown for a particular group, any connector actions that trigger in that group are suppressed and will not trigger at all, even once the time is over.  The time for that cooldown group needs to pass before connector actions in that group can trigger again.

Take an action every three months

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for the information. Great, I'll try!

Kind regards.