Taking Qualtrics Survey response data in Audience Stream

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My org is planning to implement qualtrics aka site intercept through Tealium and we wanted to record all the survey response in Adobe analytics, We are also usng Tealium audience streat so we want to share the survey responses data through tealium so that we could store those survey responses on audience stream.


If someone have similar requirement in past and have some knowledge about this. Please help.


Taking Qualtrics Survey response data in Audience Stream

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Tealium Expert


is there a specific KPI you are looking for in these survey responses,
You will probably have to set the datalayer for each repsonse as utag link which you can then setup audiencstream to pick up these tealium events, and depending on your needs you can set visitor variables in audiencestream to then create audience rules depnding on the answers in the datalyer.

but i guess the whole idea is to then use audiencestream to retargted customer depending on what audiences they fall into, so not sure if you some kind of lifecycle plan for this?


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