Tally: Favorite Key

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quick question on the string attribute ".. (favorite)" that is being created for every tally: To what string is this being set if two tally keys have the same highest value? That is, in reference to the example of the tally documentation:

Tally Attribute: "Category Viewed"
Tally KeyTally Value
String Attribute: "Category Viewed (favorite)"Pants or Jeans ?


Moreover, I have a second (related) question: If I set a Set of String Attribute as the Top 3 items in the above tally, what will be the exact order in the result, e.g. ["Jeans", "Pants", "Shoes"], or ["Shoes", "Pants", "Jeans"], or .... ?


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Tally: Favorite Key

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To answer the first question, if 2 tally keys have the same value, the latest key with said value will be set to the favorite. Meaning if shoes was set to 2 and shirts set to 1, then on the next page both shoes and shirts are set to 2, since shirts had a value of 2 last the favorite would reflect shirts.

To answer the second question, the Set of Strings will not guarantee an order such that the key with the highest value is first, the key with the second highest value is second, and the key with third highest value is third. It will simply output the hightest 3 in no particular order.


Tally: Favorite Key

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Great, thanks for the answer!