Tealium and Optimizely

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On my webapp I have Optimizely injecteted as 

<script async src="https://cdn.optimizely.com/js/123456789.js"></script>

And then I also inject Tealium script. Is it possible to make Tealium script to inject Optimizely stuff automatically, so I can remove explicit Optimizely script?


Tealium and Optimizely

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Hi @Viktor 

Tealium offers 2 options from the TAG market place




After adding it through Tealium you should then be able to remove the native implementation.



Tealium and Optimizely

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We are setting up the "Optimizely  events" connector for Tealium so we can send metrics to Optimizely from Tealium.

We are stuck at a point where we have 2 metrics in Optimizely have overlapping Tealium events - eg:

1. order_from_recommendation_page: this is calculated from a conversion event on the recommendation page

2. order_from_all_pages: this is calculated from a conversion event on any page.

So, if I have a tealium conversion event on the recommendation page, I would like to send it to both the optimizely metrics(aka Key).  How can I achieve this? The Optimizely event connector looks 1:1 with Tealium event.