Trace Not Showing Logs For Practical Exam

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I am trying to test what I have put together for my AudienceStream practical but the trace function isn't working. 

I went through and made sure that the lowercase extension isn't in the account as well as making sure the data enrichment is applied to the collect tag. 

When I go through the process to start a trace I copy and paste the code from the platform into the trace function on the web tools, but the only thing I see is that the trace was started. I go through the website and try to trigger anything but it doesn't report any data or assign any attributes as I am making changes. Is there something I am missing to get this to work?


Trace Not Showing Logs For Practical Exam

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Community Manager

Hi @krystelhagan2 ,

Sorry to hear that Trace isn't working for you. Sounds like you followed all the steps needed. Here are a couple more things that could be affecting it:

  • To confirm that data is being received from your Tealium Collect tag, check the Live Events screen and
  • Are you using Consent Management? Did you decline to be tracked? If so, clear your cookies and refresh your test site.

Reply here with your findings.

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