Trace and live events not working

Bronze Contributor
Bronze Contributor

I have a training account and access to the tealium ecommerce website. It was all working very well for a week and then trace and live events stopped working.  When I access the ecommerce website, it also shows a message on the bottom which is given below. Dont know if thas anything to do with this problem

ATTENTION: This Website is for training and demonstration purposes only. It is not intended to be a live production website and the privacy notices we provide in our live websites do not apply to this website.

If you provide your personal data during the training or demonstrations, we will collect and store your personal information as part of the training and demonstration functions of the website. This information will be used solely to provide the training and demonstrations and for no other purposes. It is possible that some third party technology is implemented as part of this website. Such third-party technology may collect and store the information provided by you. We recommend that you do not provide any personal information to us in your use of this website. However, if you do participate in the training or demonstrations of this website, the information you provide is solely in your discretion and at your own risk. If you do not wish to participate please do not use this website.