Trace bash file

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Bronze Contributor IrisV

In the audience stream trace you can export the bash file. 

Is it possible to upload this in trace at a later date to check for example if actions with a cooldown of 7 days are triggered correctly?


Trace bash file

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Tealium Expert

:) @IrisV - sounds like another Product Idea if this doesn't already exist.....


Trace bash file

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Hi @IrisV

The bash trace file is designed to be run from a command line in order to reply the events that were captured in the trace, so that you can test changes to UDH configuration without having to redo all the input actions.

So it cannot be uploaded into the UDH UI, but it can be run from the command line.

When you say "cooldown", do you mean cooldown or delayed actions?

If cooldown, then yes, the bash script could be used to see if an action where the user was in cooldown now triggers when the user is no longer in cooldown.

For delays, no.  You cannot see delayed actions happening this way.