UDO variable is not populating visitor attribute consistently

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Hi there

We have a custom UDO variable which is essentially a modified and hashed version of the Tealium visitor ID. It is used to populate a visitor attribute in AudienceStream.

The UDO variable is populating within the dataLayer consistently and correctly when utag.data is viewed in the console, for example. But the visitor attribute that is meant to be populated by this variable is only populated in a relatively small % of visitors, maybe 25%.

The visitor attribute is configured to be populated on "any event".

I cannot find any particular commonality between the visitors that do have the value populated and those that don't.

Does anyone have any pointers?




UDO variable is not populating visitor attribute consistently

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Hi Kat,

I understand that you're facing an issue with the custom UDO variable not populating the visitor attribute in AudienceStream consistently. Here are a few possible reasons and suggestions to help you troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Check the load timing of Tealium and your custom UDO variable: It's essential to ensure that the custom UDO variable is available before Tealium sends the data to AudienceStream. Check the order of your scripts on the page, and make sure the custom UDO variable is defined before Tealium's utag.js is loaded.

  2. Evaluate the Enrichment rule: In AudienceStream, check the enrichment rule used to populate the visitor attribute. Make sure it is set to "Any Event" and that it is correctly mapped to your custom UDO variable. Double-check the variable name and ensure there are no typos or inconsistencies.

  3. Verify AudienceStream API calls: Use your browser's developer tools to inspect the network requests being sent to AudienceStream (look for requests to "collect.tealiumiq.com"). Analyze the payload to ensure the custom UDO variable is present in the request, and check if there are any errors or inconsistencies.

  4. Rule Trace: Leverage AudienceStream's Rule Trace feature to gain insight into how data is being processed. Rule Trace helps you understand which rules are firing, and in which order, for a specific visitor. This can help identify any issues with the enrichment rule or processing of the custom UDO variable.

  5. Check for JavaScript errors: Inspect your browser's developer console for any JavaScript errors that may be affecting the execution of Tealium or the generation of your custom UDO variable.

If you've gone through these steps and still can't identify the cause of the issue, I recommend reaching out to Tealium Support for further assistance. They can help you investigate the issue in more detail and provide guidance on resolving it.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions or need more assistance.

shivam joshi