Using Audience Stream & Inbound for B2B lead gen campaigns

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Hi group,

I have recently but forward a pitch/strategy proposal to a B2B marketer that happens to be a Tealium client with some initial dabble into using Audience Stream and connectors. I wanted to share some of the thinking that I believe can work nicely for many others if you combine the Inbound marketing methodology with the appropriate Tealium configuration.

Business needs a major change in their marketing efforts as sales targets are aggressive and pure paid advertising has hit a plateau in terms of lead volume and efficiency. They are now adopting Inbound measures whilst jumpstarting lead gen with paid media campaigns.

Proposal overview

Since Inbound can take months to kick in, it won't bring results fast but the content flow can be used as a riverbed to guide prospects down the "river".

The Inbound method's User journey suggests three stages:

  1. Awareness type content: information about the problem that exists for the audience
  2. Consideration type content: identification of the problem itself. At this stage, the lead magnet offers email capture facility
  3. Decision type content: case studies and project execution by the B2B advertiser's product or service

This is practically a funnel system which continously provides value for users and wins their trust in exchange for lead information eventually such as email address.

The proposal suggests content distribution campaigns pushing the Awareness level content across audience aligned media channels (Faceebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and then only push further consideration level and decision level content to audiences that we deem qualified enough for further stages down the Inbound funnel.

Execution overview
The datalayer could be augmented with a variable say inbound_stage: ''awareness" and be updated on the respective pages.
We define a sensible condition to qualify to be eligible for Consideration type content for instance => user consumed 4 awareness type content
In Audience Stream we define audience for "Primed for Consideration Content" = inbound_stage count is greater than or equal to a custom value = 4
Then we stream said audience via the Facebook Connector into a Facebook campaign that has been set up to boost content where the UDO variable is inbound_stage: ''consideration".

Finally, you can apply the same methodology to Decision level content distribution and equally create automatic audience push to Facebook/LinkedIn Lead capture campaigns.

Hope I made some sense and you will find this useful. Can be particularly powerful if your client is on HubSpot.


Using Audience Stream & Inbound for B2B lead gen campaigns

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Great use case @brutalben. Love it! Keep them coming!

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Using Audience Stream & Inbound for B2B lead gen campaigns

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Hi @brutalben, thanks for the use case!

Were you able to push audiences to LinkedIn? How did you do it? Currently, there is no a LinkedIn connector in the Marketplace...