Using multiple candidate User IDs in DCM Floodlight Connector

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Connector documentation

I’m trying to pass gclid to a Floodlight Connector and consistently get a number of errors where a gclid has been sent but appears to not be found at Google’s side, so returns a failure error.

For example: Action Error: NOT_FOUND - GCLID 'EAIaIQob7b8QIVChMI5Liy7o2t_tCEAAYASAAh3HPg8VEgLOzPD_BwE' can not be found

I’m currently sending of string of Latest gclid but can see in the documentation that ‘It is acceptable to use a list with candidate IDs for a single user candidate ID parameter).’

I have an array of All gclids, would this be appropriate to send instead of just the Latest value to see if it increases matches?

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