Visitor Stitching: Attribute for Event Order

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I have a question regarding the capturing of event orders.

The goal is to have a single visitor string attribute avaiable in AudienceStream with the order of touchpoints used to enter the website. This attribute should take into account the order of events, also after visitor id stitching has been applied. For this, see the example:

Website Visitor enters the website via smarthone and is logged-in:

  • on January 1st using Touchpoint A
  • on January 8th using Touchpoint B

The same visitor enters the website on his laptop (not logged-in):

  • on January 2nd usingTouchpoint C
  • on January 10th using Touchpoint D
  • then he logs in, i.e. the visitor profile is stitched with the one from the smartphone

Desired output is a visitor string attribute with "TP_A > TP_C > TP_B > TP_D". This needs to take into account the date when the respective touchpoint has been set. This seems like a case for Timeline attributes, however, I did not find a way to do this. Is this possible? Any suggestions we could try out?

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Visitor Stitching: Attribute for Event Order

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Hi @KaiB

1. There is a "Join" enrichment on a String attribute, and you can join a String to itself and something else, so you can append an incoming String to an existing String, with a delimiter.  You may need to set the String to an initial value of say the delimiter if the String itself is not already assigned, to kick things off.

2. You don't need to worry about Visitor Stitching.  When Visitor Stitching happens, all the raw events are replayed in chronological order, so that the String you end up with should be in the correct order.

3. The above assumes you are happy to have a lifetime String, rather than one that has a time window applied to it.  I don't have an easy way to solve for a time window requirement for this one.