how do i remove an attribute from First party cookie.

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I want to exclude an attribute under FIRST PARTY COOKIE as I dont want to get that into Azure Event hub. I am not sure how to exclude this ? I deleted the attribute but its still showing up under Live Events under Event Stream and finally ending up on Azure Event hub as i am doing All Events in my Event hub condition. Any help is appreciated.


how do i remove an attribute from First party cookie.


Hi @gsreevastava ,

true, deleting the attribute from the TiQ/UDH UI doesn't actually remove it from the event payload.

Are you trying to remove the cookie (1) from the UDH completely, or (2) just from the Azure Event Hub payload specifically while leaving it available for other purposes in the UDH?

SInce you deleted the attribute in the UDH as an attempt to fix, I'm guessing (1).  In that case, assuming you're using TiQ, I'd probably make the exclusion in TiQ, with an extension scoped to the Collect tag to either remove the cookie information from the b object with JS or set it to either an empty string or something like "(removed)" using the Set Data Values extension to make it clear that you've removed it.

For (2), you could change your Azure Event Hub Connector to use the "Send Customized Data to Event Hub (Advanced)" action and then select the attributes you want to send to Azure one-by-one. But that would mean you'd need to update that configuration as variable that you want in Azure are added - I'm not sure if that makes sense in your case.

Hope that helps?